Monday, July 23, 2012

1999 Xiaguan Green Beencha

 A nicely aged xiaguan with a slight bit of humid storage coming from Hoffman.

 First the wrapper is very thin, tearing a bit at the edges. The cake itself looks a bit roughly made, but very appealing. It has a very slight humid sent but not nearly as much as the EOT cakes. It is a bit on the higher compression scale. But I manage a few leaves and some chunks.

 The first few infusions give off some of that mild humid taste I am not too fond of, and a slight dryness. After the 3rd brew it smooths out well though , and becomes very enjoyable. I get smooth leathery, mushroom, slightly woody notes developing with the passing infusions. This is the only cake so far from Hoffman I have had that has had some humidity, the rest I have tried have been very dry stored. I know he has three caves so they must have different conditions. Or it could have had some wet storage before he purchased it, because it does seem dry now. I will have to find out.

The liquor is a nice clear orange, turning to red if left to infuse more than a few seconds.
After about eight infusions it turns to a smooth honey liquor,
 with a savory mushroom taste in the back of the throat.

I really enjoy this one, aside from the first infusions.
It gives a good mouthfeel and a relaxing chi, with a good mental clarity.
Good old Xiaguan.

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