Tuesday, September 22, 2015


So this past year has been busy for me.
A new addition to the family as we welcomed or second child to this world, a girl. And she sure is a handful.
On the side of teas, I was finally able to get a good connection for direct high quality puerh. I speak of YangQingHao.

I started off by trying various samples and found a few which are very good and still priced right, and much lower than what new teas being produced of similar quality are going for nowadays.

Then offered to some friends and on teachat, to see if  anyone else was interested in a group order. I got a good response.
As I just placed the second order a few days ago for quite a bit of tea.

The teas are really well stored, and have been aging quietly in Taiwan.
I have already finished half a 500 gram Cake of a 2005 tsang liu, which is a six mountain blend of gushu leaf.
YQH has become my go to tea company for a good fix.
I will continue to try more of there teas and will continue to do the group orders, as long as people are interested and prices stay steady, I will be stocking up as much as I can as these teas will not be available forever.
I will not be left with wanting a tea that is no longer available.
Enjoy your teas and stay healthy.


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