Thursday, March 21, 2013

Winter Tea

For black tea only. All other teas taste weird in this pot, but it really makes a sweet black tea.

Unknown yixing clay, about 100ml. Have had it about 3 years now.

So this winter is still trying to hang on here in the Chicago area, as there is still snow and the air is quite cold.
I was recently reminded of what type of tea to drink in the cold season, as I have been having some problems with my right shoulder and went to get some acupuncture from an old kung fu brother who is a doctor of oriental medicine. 
My chi was not flowing well in my right arm and stagnating in my shoulder. I had started to drink young sheng a lot again recently, and my chi was not flowing well. 
I was told to keep drinking the dark teas, either black, dark roasted, shu, or aged sheng to balance and warm my chi in this cold weather. I had been drinking mostly dark roast oolongs, black or red teas, and aged sheng and the chi was strong through the winter. But when I switched to mostly young sheng recently it cooled the chi too much and stagnated. So back to the darker teas I go until this weather breaks.
I am ready for the warm weather as it is supposed to be spring now. So I can get back to the new young shengs which I love so much.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Aging Yixing

I have a great affinity with the Yixing pots in my collection, especially the small pin zi ni Xishi pot that you see in almost all my posts. I had got this pot from Teatrekker a little over a year ago. Looks like they have it available again but at a much higher price than when I got it. It has passed its one year mark and has seen almost everyday use. It is the one element that does not change when practicing gungfucha. It is now starting to show signs of age, as it is developing a very nice patina and feel that surpasses the other pots. The more I use it, the more I want to use it. 
I believe it is starting to develop its own chi now. 
New- very dull and dusty looking

When it was new it had a very sandy grainy feeling texture, also had a sent of sand.
Now it feels very smooth and silky, and smells of tea, even on the outside.
Today-color and feel gaining age.

Training has also been going very well. As I have been making some small adjustments in my movement, the body is able to generate great power, with little effort. (Of course after much effort in training)
I hope you all are well.
Enjoy your tea, and be healthy.