Friday, January 9, 2015


Should I write about these teas anymore? as Hobbes has already spoken of them here it would seem my words would have no more effect.  I will go ahead, although I will never reach the far corners of the webworld as he. Nor will my words ever be as poetic.
Poems everybody, the laddie reckons himself a poet!...
Sorry Hobbes I had to say it (as I bow in respect... with a grin)

Lets get to it, Golden Tips a tea vendor out of India serving up "Real Indian Teas" 
I was also contacted about a month ago and offered to try a few samples of there teas, and write up a review. Free single estate Indian tea? hell yes I will take some.
Fancy Cloth covered packaging
I received the package this past Saturday and told myself I would let the teas rest a week or so to acclimate after the long trip, but who was I kidding. After admiring the intricate packaging work for a few minutes I get the pocketknife out and slice up the cloth to discover an array of mystically named teas ready to jump into my cup. So I fire up the kettle.

Before I get to the teas I will have to say that I am not big on black tea. Not because I dont like it, but because I really haven't had any that would really get my attention for longer than a few cups.
But I do like a good green in the spring, I used to get some really good Longjing from a small shop in Chicago chinatown at Mr, Chen's tea/vegetable shop, where many a gungfu session have been held. But he no longer carries the same quality and prices have gone up. I still go in for a few cups of tea when Im in the neighborhood but only get the dry rose buds for my wifes tea.
Mr. Chen's tea corner
100ml gaiwan

With that said I cleaned the gaiwan and started with the green sample, Avaata supreme Nilgiri is some good tea, The flavors are somewhere between a good longjing and a good gyokuro with no astringency even when left to steep for long. I really liked this tea and with good quality chinese green tea prices rising steadily I would be better off getting this.

Then I hit the Darjeelings,

After the first sip of  Giddapaher Musketel I had to take a step back and asked myself, why have I not had good Darjeeling before? This stuff is damn good.
This tea reminded me of Taiwans oriental beauty and that is a tea I have always favored. 
If your into Indian teas or have not explored them yet like me, I would really recommend these Darjeelings, each one has its own aroma and flavor as they are single estate high quality, Mostly full leaf also and not that chopped mess you get from cheap black tea.

The Assams are a bit heavier and stronger flavored and will pick you up in the morning fast but not to my personal liking,

The silver needle white tea was decent, but I would much prefer a good spring pick white peony.

I have been drinking these Darjeelings everyday this week and am surprised by the different flavors I am getting. Even tried grandpa style and they do very well. Left the Thurbo Moonlight brewing overnight in the glass tumbler and was very pleased with the results.
The only one I am holding off on trying is the Original Masala Chai.

Now back to my beloved Sheng puerh.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

From the Ground 4H

The big elm. 
A couple months ago in the early fall.
Testing out some yixing teacups and the Purion pot.
And with the Yixing Duanni.
My favorite everyday teacup.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Got One!

Going back to this post 99 Fuhai, I was really bummed out that I was too late on buying this cake that I really enjoyed. But fortunately earlier this year EOT posted a few more for sale that they had on quarantine because of bug bites on the wrappers. When I saw they had some for sale I sprung for one right away. 
I got the last full piece they had.
It has seen its fair amount of humid storage, but is now on its way to smooth aged goodness.
Glad I got my hands on one. I think the bug bites give the wrapper some character. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Fuel

So winter is in full force with much snow and its been very cold, so I have been trying to keep warm with some of the more aged sheng that I have...
I did a lot of sampling this past year and did make a few buys.
The first I will post about is the 2003 Xiaguan 8653 discus from
Nice bright orange liquor
Testing out the Duanni Xishi 125ml

I found it to be very pleasing just starting to get some aged feeling and flavor to it,
and at a low enough price to be affordable. Smooth honey, wood, leather flavors with little bitterness and a good mellow chi feeling. A nice dry stored tea that is very drinkable. They are now sold out as it looks like someone bought whatever they had left. I am lucky that I got my hands on 2 of these as I really enjoyed it.
Seems that in just two years the prices of any decent tea is steadily rising. 
Especially anything with a famous brand name even if the tea is not even that good. 
I had a lot of samples that were just not good and the prices were still ridiculous. 
I did try a few that I liked and when I wanted to order the price was double than when I ordered the sample!
Then others I liked were sold out when I tried to order a cake.
These good samples that are no longer available I will just save for a special session.
Enjoy and drink some older or darker teas to keep the chi warm till we see signs of spring.
Ready for sparring!
On the Kung fu side of things my wife and son have been training with me now for about half a year at our school and they are doing very well. Both competed in a tournament and did very well. 
My wife placed first in form and my son placed first in sparring and second in form, he is 6 years old.
I am super proud and happy that they are training with me now.
Train hard and drink good tea!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Year End Offerings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
I am getting rid of a few teapots that don't get much use and some tea, so I want to offer them here.
I just need to clean up my collection as I have too much tea and pots. 
If anyone is interested send an email, check my profile.
Shipping should be around $5 to $10 for most items. 
I will calculate when you want to purchase.
 Any questions just ask.
 Most of the puerh cakes have a chunk out of them around 10 to 20 grams missing.
I am selling most items well under the original prices as I just want to get them cleared out.
I will also combine shipping and make a deal if you want a few items. 
Paypal only.
Trade offers also accepted.
Price reduced on these teas not sold yet.
Get these all for $50 plus shipping
2004 unknown. $20
 ? Yunnian brand,$10
 2002 Yiwu fake but decent tea. $10
 2002 Jingmai, pretty sure fake but its decent tea. $15
 2008 Cnnp $5
 2011 MGH Mansa $15.
 Above are all raw
From top left:
2004 unknown. $20
1998 Cnnp ? A bit wet storage but pretty good after a few infusions. $30-Sold
? Yunnian brand,$10
2002 Wild Tree $35-Sold
2002 Yiwu fake but decent tea. $10
Bottom right sold
From top left
2002 Jingmai, pretty sure fake but its decent tea. $15
Fake Purple Dayi sold
2008 Cnnp $5
2006 7542 $20-Sold
early 2000's brick $10-Sold
2011 MGH Mansa $15
Remember all these cakes are not complete most are missing 10 to 20 grams.

Small Duanni teapot with writing all around.
About 100ml  unused but well cleaned.
$20-Price reduced to $15=Sold

 Very good quality Zhuni Shipiao.
Approx. 110ml.
Used only with Dancong oolong.

5 year aged roasted Dong Ding 1.5oz $5-Sold
3 year aged roasted Dong Ding 2oz $5-Sold
3 year aged roasted Taikuanyin 1.5oz $5-Sold
3 year aged Oriental Beauty 1oz $5

2001 High Mountain Wild
 2001 High Mountain Wild Tree Purple Lincang $70
From Yunnan Sourcing.
Has a chunk out of it aprox. 325 grams now.

Regular quality small dragon teapot 165ml $20--Price reduced to $15
Large Dragon teapot with overlay design. 200ml $25--Sold
Fish teapot 250ml $20---Price reduced to--$15
Ornamental cheap teapot I would not use, only for dispay. $5

With all items I will include various samples of teas.

I will be adding more items the next few days.