Monday, April 8, 2013

Purion Teapot

So after a few years of thinking about buying the purion 100ml I finally got one.

I had mixed thoughts about straying from the my loved yixing pottery.
 First impressions are good as I remove it from its small box.
Wow, it is better than I expected.
Its a beautiful little teapot and has a very grainy, sandy texture.
I think this is what I like best about it, the texture of the clay.

Below you can see it next to my Xishi.
Almost the same size. The Purion is 100ml.
It holds water very well and is very porous.
We will see how it infuses in the next few days.
Purion is supposed to be very well suited for aged puerh and dark roasted oolongs.
I will be trying it out with the older shengs I have.

Here is a japanese garden juniper which I have been working on for a few years.
I completely wired and gave it a windswept style this last year.
It has been growing well, but I still am contemplating removing the low cascading branch.
A work in progress.

 Spring is finally here!


  1. Mine is almost the same as yours :-) Mine has number 10 at the bottom and has a metal strainer inside.

  2. My friend Jose also bought one and it has a number 11 on the bottom with the metal strainer also.
    I really like that this one has the four hole filter instead of the metal.
    I wonder if the number is the year of production or style or what?

    What tea are you using yours for Gingko?

  3. I don't know what the number means. I got it last year, or the year before - can't remember :-p
    So far I've used it for a few sheng and a few roasted oolong. The metal filter actually functions pretty well, especially for some sheng with a lot of crumbs. I love the shape of this teapot very much!

  4. The number is the year it was made. I have a whole collection of there products.

  5. Thats what I was thinking, so 2012 they switched from the metal strainer to the holes it looks like. I tried a few aged puerhs but did not like the flavors it gave. I will stick to yixing for sheng. Now The roasted oolongs it does wonders with. So wuyi, roasted taiwan, and aged oolong goes in the purion. Only thing is I dont drink them as often as puerh, so it doesn't see too much use.