Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just a Cup

As the fall season is well underway and winter approaches, my work gets very busy. as I work two seasonal jobs that overlap a few months. I am still drinking tea every day but with a much more everyday manner. Only getting a chance for Gungfucha on the weekends.
First thing in the morning is go turn on the kettle.
And before going out the door throw some sheng, either samples or moacha usually in the thermos mug, before I was using a glass infuser but two weeks ago it broke, fell out the door at a gas station. It did not shatter but the inside layer had multiple cracks. Oh well.
So back to the mug, I reinfuse the tea in the mug a few times during the day 
as I pretty much drink tea and  water all day. 
At the end of the day just a small chunk of sheng in a handmade large cup/bowl and reinfuse a few times.
It is a simple method but very relaxing, and I have been getting to use all my cups.
Every cup does give a different flavor.
handmade cup collection
favorite glazing

I have also been noticing that I have been prefering the younger shengs in these types of brewing methods.
The trick is to use a very small amount so you dont get an overly bitter brew.
Then on the weekends I go for the older teas and have been dipping into some dark roasted oolongs also.
I am still trying to make a small list of teas that I would maybe want for Christmas as my wife usually lets me pick my gift. So maybe I will pay for half to get something really good. 
Any recomendations, I am looking for some good over 10 year old blended sheng that is still available.

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  1. No recommendations, but looking forward to your notes when it does come in.