Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2004 Xiaguan JiaJi Tuocha

I do have one more sample of the ZhiZheng teas to post, but I found this little untouched 100gram tuo hiding in my oolong cabinet and had to give it a try.

The first impression is good as it has the signature xiaguan heavy sent when I open the wrapper.
 It does give up its age though as it smells much smoother than some younger xiaguans I have.

Of course its always good to see the big G imprint on these as I think it is a sign of better quality.
It comes as all tuocha, extra heavy compression, but my pick breaks off a chunk with little effort. 
I do find a small piece of brown egg shell, someone must have been enjoying a good farm fresh egg.
 After a quick rinse the aroma is heavy with camphor, slight smoke, and some astringent citrus notes.
I have to say this is one of my favorite puerh aromas.
 The first infusions give up very strong citrus, leather, wood, camphor, and good astringency.
The mouthfeel is quite good, showing some spiciness and thickness. 
 After a few brews it turns to a sweet citrus leather concoction, still holding its thickness, I am really enjoying this tea. I guess I'm a sucker for xiaguan tuocha.
It's strength makes me go out into the drizzly windy weather for more training. 

The Tiger is a good form to tame the Crane of xiaguan.
As I practice my favorite Tiger form which comes from a Taoist five animal style.
The hard external and soft internal movements strengthen the entire being.
The chi is focused.

As I get back to the tea it seems to take another turn.
A smooth honey wheat note arrives, but still holds its camphor and sweet citrus.
 The spiciness and astringency is replaced with a very cooling almost minty sensation.
I am now tea drunk, so I will let it rest overnight and finish it off in the morning.

 On a side note, you may have seen this little cup accompanying my regular cup in the last few posts. I have been breaking in this Duanni cup for a few weeks now. It was a gift from Peter of with one of my orders. It really smooths out any rough edges in stronger sheng and is starting to give a good cup.

And here is another bonsai for you.
American Elm, collected by me from a large hedge about 6 or 7 years ago.
Cut to a stump and branches developed.
It has come along quickly,  and is now starting to get a good branch structure.
The apex needs to be shortened and branches thickened and ramified.
It will get a good wiring soon.
 Maybe another 3 years to get to the form I want.
Last leaves hold on.

Ready for its winter sleep.


  1. Hi Emmett -

    Have always wanted to try a JiaJi and never got around to it. This makes me want to put it on my Christmas list....

    By the way, since I switched everything over, would you be able to update the link on the sidebar for Une Cachette Pour La Coeur? Its new home is Thanks!

  2. Hello Jess,
    Most of these xiaguan tuochas can be found for pretty cheap, and they still have not let me down. This JiaJi is better than some of the others. I got this one for really cheap on ebay. Early 2000's tuo's are my favorite.
    I updated your link.

  3. So I was just searching for some more of these 2004 xiaguan tuochas and the prices has increased over four times as much as I could get them last year. Wow!