Friday, October 5, 2012

2012 Nan Nuo Shan 'Ji Di' Early Spring

So last week I received a package of 2012 cake samples from Zhi Zheng Tea Shop
I recommend reading the information they have on there site and blog, very informative.
I have been eagerly awaiting to try some of there cakes as they are fully handmade using ancient tree leaf.
As Mark from Zhi Zhen recommended letting the tea acclimate before trying them,
 I gave them just a week as I can't wait any longer for my fix.
The first of the four samples I am trying is the Nan Nuo Ji Di, it is the most fragrant of the samples sent.
 When I opened the bag I got a full shot of strong fruit and orchid,
 even giving me almost a head rush just by the sent alone.
The dry leaf is large, full and lightly compressed just like I like it.
The aroma of the infused leaf brings even more fruitiness with a green straw flowery sent, I just cant get my nose away from the pot. Reminds me of the sold out Bada but stronger.

 The infused liquor is smooth and fruity sweet, with a nice bitterness creeping in the background.
The mouthfeel is thick and smooth with a slight bite on the tongue. It gives me a feeling of calmness and focus of the energy after a hectic week. I am reminded of the stress relieving factor of enjoying a good cup of tea. Later infusions give more of the flowery orchid notes and a slight astringency with the longer brews. Eventually it changes to a sweet cane sugary brew and then back to the fruit notes. It lasts well over 15 infusions and still looks to give up more so tomorrow I will push it for a few more cups.
The infused leaf is pretty uniform being mostly small to medium size thick leaf, with a few buds.
The tea has fulfilled my expectations of a very good quality new sheng.
 In the next days we will see how the others hold up.
The weather has been changing drastically here as yesterday it was in the 80's and today a high of around 50 and tonight its supposed to drop to about 30 degrees.
 I had to pile on my hoodie and coat for heading out to work today.
I will try to get thru these four samples this weekend if I can, because I also want to move back to some wuyi rock teas I have had siting in my cabinet for over a year now to fight the cold weather coming in.
My bonsai are changing to there autumn colors fast especially the small shohin.
 I will be posting more pictures of them soon.
 Here is another one of my favorites with its roots clinging to a small rock.
In training about 10 years from a seedling.
Zelcova Serrata Elm Shohin
 My kung fu training has also been going very well, as the Master we are learning from has been sharing some very advanced technique with us.
The fa jing (explosive transfer of energy) is really starting to develop now with a few adjustments to our technique. Pushing me to train harder. I love it.


  1. Enjoying the blog as always.
    Recently especially enjoying the trees...the beauty and simplicity is inspiring. I wonder how one goes about learning this art...

  2. I see you are in Chicago from your info M. Handler, the best way is to just start with a small easy tree, look up and join a local bonsai club for help, here in Chicago area, and go from there. look for bonsai books at your library and just start.