Sunday, October 7, 2012

2012 Kong Shan Xin Yu Early Spring

This is another sample sent by Zhi Zheng Tea Shop.

On opening the sample bag I am greeted by a very green straw and flower sent.
The nice big chunk is a bit tighter compressed than the last one, and looks to have smaller leaf. 
It does come apart easily with the pick though.
As I give it the first rinse the leaf releases a very surprising buttery aroma.

The first infusions are very smooth, with a honey butter savory flavor with just a bit of orchid flower in the aftertaste, but holding some good bitterness and astringency in the throat. 
Around the fifth infusion it takes a turn into a very floral taste, smooth and a bit bitter.
This is a very subtle tea with many slight changes thru the brews. I am really having a very relaxing session with this one. The chi builds a calm sense of well being.
Now after around the twelfth infusion it kinda looses its interesting flavors and just goes to a regular vegetal green flavor that stays for the rest of the brews. It kinda looses me after that. Overall a good tea with many interesting flavor profiles in the beginning but a bit lacking in the later half. The infused leaf is a bit more choppy and varied than the nan nuo, with a  mix of small thin leaf and bud to medium leaf.
Another bonsai changing its colors, a japanese hornbeam group in training for about 5 years.
Japanese hornbeam and accent

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