Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 Bai Cha Yuan

Ok so finally I get around to the fourth 2012 Zhi Zheng Tea sample.
They dont have it for sale yet and I dont know any info on it but...
 The dry chunk and loose leaf looks very good, long full leaf with a very feint vegetal sent.
It must be of a very light stone compression as the leaf has no sign of any breakage. 

 First infusions release a light buttery, nutty, apricot, and vegetal flavor. The aroma is of buttery veggies.
 Around the fourth brew I get a little astringency and bitterness also, but very light.
It is a very smooth buttery brew, with little bitterness and full of almond and fruit flavors.
I think of the four samples it is the lightest, as it begs for my full attention.
Now on the sixth or seventh infusion I get a very strong sweet cane, sugary flavor, wow.
I thought it would die down but it actually opened up in the later infusions,
 with the sweetness and vegetal notes coming to the forefront. 
The mouthfeel is light as it does give a nice feeling but not that lasting.
The chi is mellow, as I have to focus to feel it. 
It starts to fade out around the twelfth brew but keeps the vegetal flavor for a few more as I push it hard.

 Infused leaf is full with absolutely no breakage. Two very green leaves and a bud, and dark large leaf.
I have to say, this is maybe the best looking infused leaf, no broken pieces!!

Overall this is a very interesting tea, long lasting but very quiet as you have to pay close attention to really be rewarded.
Now of the four samples I have to say Nan Nuo is tops, hands down. But all are very good.
The prices are on the high scale but in line with other full hand made, well chosen teas.
Top quality.

 And yet another Bonsai.
This is an old boxwood removed from a five foot tall hedge about six or seven years ago.
I started cutting it down little by little thru the years and have finally got it to the size I want, next is wiring the branches and refining the foliage pads. The trunk and root formation is just outstanding, reminding me of old penjing style plantings. It will be ultimately planted on a stone slab.
What side do you like most?


Side 2



  1. A lovely bonsai! However, especially in the side 2 images, I can't help but think that it looks like a bonsai man nailing a bonsai lady on her knees... Well, ents had to reproduce too, I guess!
    All the best

    1. I didn't understand what you meant until now. Now I can't even look. Since the entwives have been missing for ages, it's more likely two ents...

  2. I have seen that tree up close and I never thought about it that way :o)

  3. Side 2 - calmer. Side one has too much energy, I think. Very nice work-in-progress. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Where is your mind Jakub, LOL. Tree Prn.
    In Japan they do add value to objects of a se xual nature, so it would be worth more.
    I do agree Ira, the side 2 is my favorite, from the trunk and roots standpoint, but the branches are better placed on the side 1. With some good wiring though I will have a good 2 sided tree.