Sunday, September 23, 2012

Circa 1990 Menghai 8972

Now getting back to some proper gungfucha brewing I open another sample from Life in Teacup, the 90's 8972 raw brick. Gingko writes about this tea here,  a very interesting tea indeed.

So my first impression is good as I open the package, I am greeted with a very mellow sweet aged sent.
The chunk itself composed of pretty full leaves it looks like, with a good dark brown reddish color.
It comes apart very easily with no breakage at all.
 The first aroma is of wood and rawhide with a bit of mustiness. The first flavors are very aged tasting. Almost having a very top quality shu flavor but with no wetness to be found. The aftertaste is leathery and sweet with just a hint of camphor and fruit. The mouthfeel is very spicy but soothing and filling.
 I notice the chi building fast, with a sensory elevating feeling.
First Infusion

Fifth Infusion
 The liquor is quite dark almost burgundy with a tinge of orange. As the infusions pass the flavor gets stronger and heavier, with a spicy camphor and earthiness coming to the forefront. There is something different about this tea I cant quite put my finger on it. I very much enjoy it because it is giving me a very unique different brew than most other 90's sheng I have tasted.
Tenth Infusion

Twentieth Infusion

 This is a good example of a tea on its way to becoming well aged. It also lasted over 20 infusions. I would call this an actual tea liquor. Spent leaf is a mix of large and medium size, very dark and a bit fragile but thick. I do recommend you try a sample at least, even if you end up not liking it,
 I think it is a unique good tea to try.
I did like it better than the Butterfly Tuo.

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