Thursday, September 6, 2012

Whats Hiding In Your Tea

I just find it amusing at the different things which have been found imbedded in all types of puerh. 
Here are two I found in some of my cakes.
The first one is in a 2003 Wu Chi Dao, Mengku Zheng Shan.
 This one is not bad at all, someone was just having some sunflower seeds while pressing cakes back in 2003. I wonder how aged seeds will taste. I guess I can give it another ten years.

The next one is a bit more off putting, but not as bad as a cigarette butt as I had seen somewhere on an older post I think it was on Half Dipper.
It is in a 2008 Laocangjia Yiwu Arbor cake.
 Can you see that little bug almost in perfect condition wings and all.
Looks to be maybe a fly or a bee? I'm not sure what it is .

What have you found in your cakes?


  1. Rodent tooth in a 2006 yan Qing hao cake. I also found a whole edamame pod in my pot from an 80s large leaf bing.

  2. Hair, hair and more thick straight black hair. Rodent teeth really takes the cake so to speak!!! What did you do with it?

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    1. I know you tastefully deleted that entry Emmett!
      But even the revered chadao covers this:

      "And some people have found what appears to be a suspicious hair. And no, this is not hair from the head; it’s from the other end. This has so disgusted tea drinkers that they immediately had to gag and discard the tea that they were just drinking, and leave pu’er alone for a few days. At least, until they forgot about the hair incident, and started to drink tea from the very same bing again. I guess we could say that someone had a bad hair day."

    2. I like that he says
      "Yes, drinking some forms of pu’er can lead to psychological trauma. Have you been traumatized yet?"

      One of the problems with these kind of findings are that the new tea drinkers will be turned away if they find something like that when they start trying compressed pu. This happened to one of my brothers with a tuo I gave him. He gave it back and said "I not going to drink that stuff it had a hair in it."
      But us addicted drinkers will just block it out and go to the next bing.
      Just as another addict will have a bad trip and go right back for the next hit.

    3. Ha- if you can't stomach hair in tea- you have no right drinking tea at all! Teabags hide any such horrors but I'm sure if we started ripping them open, I'm sure all manner of delights could be found.

      Also it's probably more likely the hair mentioned is a curly armpit hair since I can imagine those guys shoveling piles of leaves in wife beaters.

  4. Now this is the one tea blog entry that really puts one off tea (with the helpful comments).