Friday, September 14, 2012

Tea with Billy

So thursday night my brother and I went to the grand opening of the first teahouse in our area.
 Madame Zuzu's teahouse in Highland Park, IL.

So this teahouse is co-owned by Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. 
One of my favorite bands from the 90's.
I had read an interview with him before opening that he wanted it to be a 1930's chinese-french style teahouse, so I was a bit exited. I hoped there would be some decent traditional tea at least.
As we arrived around 6pm the small teahouse was pretty full. So I go strait to the Tea Bar? is that the correct term? as I see some tea brewing in some glass pitcher brewers with metal strainers.
 They were serving free tea and some snacks, three tea choices, Gunpowder Green, Earl Grey, and Kings Crimson-herbal. I of course ask if they have any puerh and get a No Puerh. 
 Here is there menu but they only were making those three for sampling so I was not very impressed and wanted to at least try some white or japan green.
Gunpowder green and chips
The Gunpowder was ok but the other two I just couldnt drink. The teahouse looks to just have ok quality teas for the most part. I might go back to try some other teas if I am in the area, but not going to make a special trip. Now what I did like is that Billy Corgan showed up and played a few songs from some of his albums, and that was very cool. As I really like his music.
Billy messing with the piano

My camera died as soon as he started to play so no good pics or video as I forgot to check the batteries.
I took some video on my cell but coudnt get it to upload here.

Overall tea was ok, the place did have a good vibe to it, but it was because Billy was playing there. 
He didnt drink any tea though only water.
I guess it will be a cool place to hang out for some people.
I did have my glass tumbler filled with sheng, waiting in my truck for the ride home.
It was a good time at least, and my brother who really loves smashing pumpkins got a lyrics sheet with an autograph so he was very happy.


  1. thanks for the reveiw! I have catch the news about the tearoom yesterday. And I was explaining to Mirka who Billy and S.Pumpkins were and she has described me the area (she used to live in Chicago)- so we were thinking what the combination will be like:)


  2. Hey when you told me about the place, I thought that they were going to have more tea out for you to try :o( I've gone to a lot of grand opening in my time and I notice that they serve every thing in the menu so the people working there can learn from their mistakes. I probably stop by only when am in the area too. Thanks for the Pictures!

  3. This is the epitome of the ironic and sad state of tea in the U.S. Lavish, fanciful looking decor, famous guests bankrolling the place...and lame-ass actual leaves. Is everyone so afraid instead to focus their money on the tea itself?