Thursday, September 20, 2012

Xiaguan Binge Drinking

It has been a full week without a new post, mostly just because I have extra busy. 
Working two jobs, and trying to maintain a good home life, plus training.
 By the time I have been sitting down to some gungfucha I dont want to even think anymore just relax and enjoy the session. 
 The time I have had, I have spent going thru some of the Xiaguan I have on hand, including some very interesting samples most graciously sent by Hster.  
My favorite of the big factory names is Xiaguan, especially the tuochas and bricks.
Is it that I like the cheaper grade material? Sometimes I do.
 I think that when I want to get a full flavored traditional tasting sheng I will always reach for a tuo.
So I have been drunk on Xiaguan all week, and for the hangover cure I just throw the leaves from the day before in my tumbler.
Tonight I changed to a young Guafengzhai and could not get a good cup from it, I have had it before and really enjoyed it. Maybe after all that strong heavy Xiaguan I need to rest my tongue a few days to get my tastes back. I will drink lighter teas and mineral water for the next few days and see how it goes. 

On another note this past Sunday I also very much enjoyed the local Mexican Independence festival and parade with traditional dance, music and good food. A great time with family and friends.

Dance with tequila bottles on there head.


  1. Hi,
    if you like Xiaguan, you might want to check out finepuer and sampletea - I received my samples few days ago and the Xiaguan stuff sure looks good.

  2. Have you tried the 2003 mushroom from finepuerh? What do you think of it.