Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 samples part 2

We now move on to the BaDa Gushu.

 The dry leaf has a faint sent of flower and fruit.
When I pour the rinse I just have to say it smells like I just poured a bowl of fruit loops.
 It just has that very fruity aroma to it.

 The first few infusions also bring a very fruit like flavor, I will say peach, even with the slight drying tingling mouthfeel as I get from biting into the skin of a fresh peach. As the infusions continue it does have a good bitterness to it with a bit of greenness, but holds to the fruity aftertaste. Soothing and calming tea. The chi is very relaxing and warming. It gives me around 12 good infusions.
The infused leaf is mostly small with a few buds.

And last but not least is the ManNuo Gushu.

 The dry chunk is hard compressed, with a very faint almost forest tree smell.
The first aromas give up an almost apple tree sent with just a bit of smoke in the background.
The liquor is a bit heavier than the others and on a more savory side than fruity.
 The flavors are hard to describe on this one, it has a more leafy woody forest flavor with some mushroom, spicy, sweet, and bitter. The flavors change well. The mouthfeel is very pronounced with a spicy, savory, silky texture. It does become quite bitter in the later infusions. Now the chi is what I really notice, it warms me up very fast and brings me to a clear focused state of mind, definitely ancient tree. Meditative.
The spent leaves are quite large and thick.

All of these teas are great.
YouLe ---- Very refined, gentle and sweet. A tea to be savored with great attention.
 MengSong --- Strong fruit, bitter, and straightforward. A tea to enjoy anytime.         
     BaDa --- Very fruity, gentle, soothing, and refined. A tea to find comfort and relaxation.
ManNuo --- Lasting, forest, savory, and bitter. A tea for focus, chi, and energy.       

I am finding things out more and more about my own preferences. 

I wanted to taste these back to back as I have a credit with and will try to choose one cake to get. Now the hard part is choosing which one.


  1. All the dry tea samples look wet stored. Were they?

  2. Well they are a bit dark, but not wet at all. Actually quite dry. Also my camera does not give the best quality lighting.
    Check out his site and you can see in his pics the whole cakes are also on the darker side.

  3. I ended up getting the BaDa and in good time cuz they are sold out already, wow that was fast! It chose it because it is different than most cakes I have.

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    I liked your product. Thanks for Induction. Tea gives you a sweet smile that I Know.. So keep it up. I liked it very much.Please try to keep posting Free Tea Samples