Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 samples part one

I recently received four 7 gram samples from Peter of and so I give them a try.
 For these comparisons I use the whole 7 grams in my sheng pot. One tea per day.

First up is the YouLe gushu.

Now other youle I have tried have been very simple, lets see how this one does.
 The dry chunk looks to be smaller leaf and is a bit dark with some buds. It also is a bit more tightly compressed comparing to last years samples. The infused aroma of the leaf is very nice, reminding me of fresh farm straw, flower, and vegetable, a good sent very young and green. The brew is very pleasant with hints of straw and wood, and a bit of sweet flowers in the aftertaste.
The mouthfeel is good, coating well with a bit of tingle.
 I do have to push the infusions a bit as it is quite light and gentle.

 I dont find much bitterness at all maybe only a very little when given a very long infusion. It is a very pleasant tea with a nice mouthfeel, it slows down after about eight brews. The infused leaf is small with a few buds. The chi is very relaxing also.

Second is the MengSong.
  Now this one is from 60 year old trees. The dry sent has a bit more strength and bitterness. The first infusions bring aromas of fruit, orchid and straw. The liquor is quite strong and fruity. As the infusions pass the fruit flavor is a constant in the back of the throat but the bitterness comes to the forefront, although it is a good bitterness. I actually find it very interesting.

 The mouthfeel is a bit dry but filling. There is a very mellow chi feeling with this one, but it does have strength. It lasts a bit more than the Youle. The infused leaf is mostly medium size with a few large.
 It sits a little heavy in the gut, so I grab some japanese style peanuts, my favorite tea snack to counter it.

The next two days I will try the others.

 I have ordered a few pots and last years samples from Peter and have been very pleased with his great service and products.


  1. Hi Emmett, I have also tried these two samples so far...I like them both, the youle would be probably the winner. Unlike you, I found there a lot of (pleasant) bitterness between second and fourth brew.:)


  2. Hey Petr,
    I was looking for that bitterness in the youle as peter mentioned it in the description, but didn't quite get it. I was playing with the infusion times though, so maybe thats the reason.
    Between these two the youle I also think is more refined than the mengsong, but I like them both too. The prices are not bad eiter for very good quality tea.

    Today I try the BaDa.