Monday, August 20, 2012

Mystery Sample 2

Another mystery sample from Hster.

 This one is from a brick as it is tightly compressed and still has a corner intact.
It looks to have a bit of age judging from the color and dry slightly woody, anise sent.
The first two short infusions are very light with just a very light smoky spicy sweetness, so I push the third brew to open it up. It gives me more layered flavor of sweet woodiness, with a bit of old bitterness and spice in the aftertaste.

 Now the mouthfeel is what is good, giving me a slight bite on the tip of the tongue with a creamy texture throughout the next infusions. I think the taste of it is a bit light, but what really gets me is the warm feeling I get from it. I feel focused chi building so I pause for some chikung practice. 
My mind is cleared of the days stress.
  I push the rest of the brews even longer and it holds steady for around ten good infusions.
The mouthfeel and warm feeling stays with me as I start to get sleepy.
I like this one for its good feeling, although it is a bit light in flavor.
I look back on Hsters older posts and try to figure if its something she posted about before.
I am thinking it could maybe be the '05 dehong wild tree?

Oh and I got a very pleasant surprise in the mail today, an unexpected package from Peter of with his 2012 cake samples. Awesome! its always great to get some unexpected tea in the mail. Thanks Peter.


  1. Sorry the sample is in quite rough shape. I wanted to send you more but I really struggled mightily breaking this brick. (But now I have a new method...)

    It's not the DeHong which is quite very purple and dark.

    Do you think it tastes like wild tree?

    Since it's not the DeHong, do you think it's younger or older than 2005?


  2. Well I really like the warming energy from it, I think it could be wild tree or something like old plantation growing wild, because of its energy. It is quite mellow compared to most plantation I have tried which are usually a bit astringent when young. I am no expert though. I will say older than 2005 cuz it seems to have been more smoky and bitter when young, as I find a small amount in the aftertaste. Thinking about your clue though 7x? its too old looking for 2007. Could it be 7 sons xiaguan wild tree, But dosnt seem like xiaguan. I am perplexed by this one. Now you got me thinking. This one is hard, the elephant was easy.

  3. Emmett,

    I very much appreciate you tasting it blind as I'm always curious about every cake I have that claims to be wild tree. This brick is composed of larger leaves which may account for some of the mellowness.

    Although you are right that it is older than 2005, this tea actually was very smooth and drinkable when young and that teensy bit of smoke was there as well.

    It's TX(wink wink). If you want to know the answer, let me know and I'll post it forthwith.

    Final question- how much do you think I paid for this brick? This is by far my best performing investment to date in the tea closet.

  4. 02-03 Taiwan export maybe? Ok I give up. How much? $5 $10, I do think it could very well be wild tree cuz of the chi.
    Thanks H.

  5. "2004 Dadugang 1366 Thai Calendar Brick"

  6. Ahh, I have had my eye on that one, I had noticed it is probably the only tea cheaper on the US site than the Yunnan site.