Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wedding Gift Roasted Tikuanyin

 An unknown year dark roasted Tikuanyin from Fujian by Sea Dyke Brand.
This tea was given to me by my good friend Jose, it is a small package originally from a large tin holding many. I believe the tin was a gift to his mother in law, from her new son in law's mother who is from Hong Kong. At Jose's sister in laws wedding a few years back. Did you get that cuz I confused myself.
 So this tea was purchased in Hong Kong for a wedding gift.
 He has been trying to get more info on it.
If anyone knows any info about this tea let me know.

The dry leaf itself is dark, tightly rolled, and smells similar to aged wuyi rock oolong. 
Very heavily roasted Tikuanyin is a bit hard to find here in the U.S, so this is a good treat.
I bring out my 125 ml Duanni Xishi pot, mostly used for traditional Tikuanyin.

The liquor is a very nice clear orange color, just looking at it makes my mouth water.
 The first infusions give a strong charcoal roast flavor with a dark fruit aftertaste.
It developes nicely onto a roasty, spicy, plum fruit flavor with a sweet smoothness coating the entire mouth.

 It holds well, giving a good ten infusions.
I used to like the flowery green tikuanyin examples but my taste has changed.
 Now I think the roasted are much better, full in flavor. Then again that's only my preference.
A very good tea I wish I had more of.

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