Thursday, August 2, 2012

2008 Jiancheng Wild Green Cake

 This cake is from Yuan Nian tea company, a low price purchase from Puerhshop. The cake itself looks good with a feint green straw woody sent. 
Looks like it is stone pressed and the leaves come off easily.

The first brew is a bit heavy with a classic aroma of tobacco and mushrooms with slight astringency.
It continues to develop into a smooth full flavored brew, with hints of honey and leather, and maybe a slight bit of camphor on the pallet but still holding some astringency.  It develops well with the passing infusions, the strength holds, but turns to a deep honey sweet, woody aftertaste. It does remind me factory blended cakes, but smoother than the big brand names.
The liquor darkens within four or five brews and stays steady until about twelve, then is starts to fade out. I am surprised at the strength of this tea to hold on, being a low priced cake.
It leaves me with a strong mouthfeel, keeping for a good while.
 The infused leaves are quite dark as you can see, with a good amount of stems.

Good chi feeling coming with a deep breathing session to clear my mind of some things.
Look for something good in every tea, and you will enjoy it.
Even the most simple is sometimes enjoyed more than the most complex.

I love the stress relieving factor found in a good tea session.

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  1. I was dissapointed with this tea when I first bought it in 09 but give it some time in a humid cupboard and you won't believe the change. Now I save it for when I want something special. It became buttery and sweet over just a few years. The cake loosened, leaves darkened. You need no pick to pull a pot from it. I was pleasantly surprised! I wish I'd bought more.