Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Growing Roots

"Root Yourself "
One of the first lessons taught to me in my martial training.
This is referring to stance training. The most important aspect in traditional martial arts. We hold Mabu or Horse Riding Stance in order to build up strength, both physical and mental.
We must grow roots into the ground.
 It is easier to run a mile than to hold a good stance for a few minutes. My Sifu's Master would hold this position for over two hours. With much training you will be able to root yourself and sink your energy into the dantien. The back must be straight, the hips forward, feet pointed strait ahead, and the thighs almost parallel to the ground. The breath should be deep and slow, Breath in pushing the air down to the bottom of the lungs bringing the diaphragm up, exhale pushing the diaphragm down to the lower dantien sinking the chi.
The chi becomes the root, connecting to the earth. 
There are many variations on the actual physical stance depending on style and teacher, but the breathing and sinking of the chi must be done correctly in order to advance to a higher level in training.
This is the most basic foundation in all traditional martial arts.
There is much more to this training, but I think this is a simple enough explanation.
 Bad thing is that some schools do not teach it correctly, or not at all.

 What about for fighting? No you do not hold a horse stance while fighting, or any stance for that matter. You must move or you will get hit! The stances used in training are only in transition while fighting, and when delivering a strike you momentarily go into a proper stance for full power in your strike coming from the root.

Just as an ancient tea tree has strong chi because of the roots reaching deep into the earth.
Our chi will grow over time with much training, even after 15 years of training
I have only begun.

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