Thursday, July 5, 2012

Early 90's Yiwu Sheng

This tea is from David Lee Hoffman of ThePhoenixCollection. he lists it as late 80's early 90's but He told me it is from around 92 as thats the year he purchased. It has been in his storage in California since then. It is a dry storage as you can tell from the pics. Only sold as a full tong with no wrappers or neifei.

 It is a good looking cake. The first 2 pics I took outside in the sun and the third inside with flash.
The leaves break away with no problem and are nice and hairy.

 My pot of choice for Sheng is a pin zi ni xishi 110ml. It is the most used pot in my collection. Already developing a dark patina.

The liquor is a clear orange with a nice full aroma The first few infusions have a little dryness quickly turning to a mouth coating smooth liquor that I really enjoy. Almost sweet scotchlike flavor with a just a slight bitterness in the back of the throat. At 20 years of age it is still holding on to some youth. It could be compared to a 10 year old. The dry storage has just maybe mellowed it out.

 The top pic is after around 15 infusions still holding its flavors and mouthfeel. The second pic being after around 20 infusions when it started to loose its color but still holding flavor.
 The spent leaves show the mix of large leaf and the three leaves and a bud pick.
Overall I enjoy this tea. It has a very relaxing chi and gave me a lot of brews thru the entire day. The price of the tong is also extra good at $125 a tong but Hoffman told me that every tong he has opened of this tea has been different so giving a low price. I think I got a good one. A good everyday sheng with age.


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