Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2011 Da Yu Lin Taiwan Oolong

I have to break up the sheng sessions once in a while, so today I go for this semi-ball rolled Taiwan oolong I got from Camellia Sinensis last year. It looks like a light roasted example. The dry large rolled leaf gives off a strong aroma of melon, apricot and maybe a hint of vanilla and spice. I bring out my small 80ml duani teapot I got from Pu-erh.sk.

 It is a very nice looking pot as you can see.The liquor is light yellow but the infusions are strong with a heavy sent of fruit and vanilla. 

Nice little cup from thrift store.
The liquor really coats the entire mouth with strong flavors of minerals, fruits and  sweet buttery flowers. It has a great long lasting mouthfeel which slightly numbs the tongue.

The leaves are big, full and quite thick showing a good picking. Overall a strong full flavored tea full of enjoyment. The only bad thing is, these good Taiwan oolongs are getting very expensive, so I drink sparingly.

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