Sunday, July 15, 2012

2001 Jin Chang Hao Yiwu

This is one of the samples I had purchased around 6 months ago from EOT I have tried it maybe two times before and this is the last chunk I have. I do think they have the best looking sample pack labels.

 I will say I'm not the biggest fan of wet storage cakes, and this one did have that strong wet earthy sent to it, but less than some of the other samples I have tried from them. Six months time has dried it out considerably, so I give it a go. The dry leaves do look very good, a bit dark with a very slight fuzz. They come apart easily with no breakage. The first few infusions give a wet storage aroma and flavor, but it soon dies out and turns for better. After about four brews it smooths out with a slight spicy wood flavor and some bitterness in the aftertaste. It continues pretty much the same thru out multiple infusions.  It definitely coats the mouth well and gives a slight tingling sensation. The tea is still holding on to its youth but the liquor is showing some signs of aging with some orange coloration.
I got a very pleasant chi from it, which gave me energy to do some extra training after a long hot day at the park with my wife and son. And the mouthfeel stayed for a good long time after drinking. The spent leaves look good, with plenty of long stems. Some good thick large green leaves mixed with some thin redish brown ones. Showing signs of the storage conditions they are very fragile as I try to open them up. It is a good tasting tea after the initial brews, but I think for the price a bit on the simple side. A very satisfying session though.

 Everyone does have different tastes though so I recommend to try for yourself. As I like some teas others dont. Just like I favor wild game meat and my wife doesn't like anything but chicken, pork and beef.

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