Thursday, July 12, 2012

2011 Tie Luo Han

Changing pace I decide to brew up some Wuyi, Mr. Yu's charcoal roasted Tie Luo Han from Tea Urchin.

After puerhs my next favorite teas are roasted oolongs. This one is a good example, the dry leaf looks very nice and dark giving off a roasty, spicy mineral aroma. My choice of pot is a 110ml aged Pin Zi Ni from Jing Tea Shop, my favorite pot actually, and using an antique cup from Tea Habitat.

The infused liquor gives a strong sent of spicy roasted fruit, almost cherry like. The flavors hit the spot with a full mineral stone fruit taste and a strong mouthfeel, changing slowly thru the infusions into a sweet caramel smoothness with just a hint is spice.


 My son tells me "this one is better" as I was drinking some 2012 baimudan earlier in my glass infuser and he finished it off, also very good. The infused leaves are a bit broken but nice and thick, showing the dark roasted coloration.

A fully refreshing tea with great mouthfeel that lasts around ten infusions.
 It also reminds me to brush up on my 18 Lohan Fist form.
 So outside I go again for some form practice.

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