Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wild Aged Ancient Tree Maocha

Another tea from Hoffman this maocha is pretty nice looking and has a very good strong leathery sent. The infused aroma gives off a very slight smokiness but mostly dry leather reminding me of one of my dads old horse saddles. I really like when the puerhs remind me of some childhood memories, I think the first sheng I ever tasted did just that is was a bit smoky and meaty reminding me of cooking on old wood burning stoves. The liquor is the same leathery smokiness with a slight bitterness. It coats the mouth well and leaves a good mouthfeel. It dosnt last too many infusions dropping off after about 7 or 8 steeps.

These are some of the largest leaves I have encountered, I think even bigger than most of the big leaf cakes I have tried. They show some redness I think coinciding with the mild smokiness. All in all a decent maocha for around ten bucks a quarter pound. Showing some signs of age. He doesn't list the age so I will ask next time I speak to him.

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