Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2002 Feng Qing Jia Ji Tuo Cha

A nice looking tuocha with some age on it. 

This one comes from Yunnan Sourcing recommended by Scott. My friend and I bought a bag of it and split the tuos. As there are five in a bag we just split one in half for drinking. The first time we brewed this one we used a bit too much leaf and got a heavy bitter soup with a strong tea rush. But since then I have been using a small amount of leaf and the results are much better.

 The tuo itself looks to have some age on it looking a bit dark. It is as all tuo's highly compressed. I manage to break off a few chunks, after a quick rinse I brew for only a few seconds as I know the tea is strong. It has a very nice aroma reminding me of newer xiaguan tuochas. The liquor is still very clear and yellow showing it has not aged much compared to other ten year olds.

The flavors start a bit bitter with a sweet aftertaste, changing slightly with each passing infusion, the bitter turns to a smooth sweetness. A good enjoyable session. My five your old son really likes this one as he usually likes the stronger teas. I think it still needs some more time to really smooth out. I wonder how strong it was when it was first made. The infused leaves show a mix of  chopped leaf and some stems still very green.

I get a very strong chi re-energizing me and I head outside for some form practice.
I then come back for more.

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