Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guang He Jie Pu Cha

This is a small dry tangerine packed with ripe puerh.

 Purchased at a small vegetable shop in chinatown, Chicago.  It looks quite nice but only has a very feint dry citrus smell to it. I had a heavy meal today and wanted to get a bit of a digestion boost, as cooked puerh I think helps. I take out my shou brewing pot and throw in a bit of leaf mixed with a few pieces of the tangerine peel.

 I am using a very porous cup made by my friend Fred, I feel it really smooths out the flavors of shou.

The infused liquor is very clear orange with a good citrus aroma, holding no wet sent at all. The flavor hits the tongue with a spicy smooth orange goodness that coats the entire pallet. It does not last too many infusions but is very pleasant to drink. And does not taste like most ripe puerhs, almost having a sheng aftertaste to it.

 The spent leaves show the dark cooked process, but are not too fragile as most.
 It must have been on the lighter fermentation side.
Very relaxing and refreshing to drink and settles the stomach well.


  1. Emmett,

    I tried my tangerine pu this morning after reading your post. Scott(YS) generously included them as free samples 6 years ago as he was only selling them by the dozen and I only wanted one. The gong ting pu was too strong and metallic tasting back then. But after six years of aging, this tea is quite mellowed out and much lighter in character. A most relaxing brew I agree!

    Have you tried the pomelo stuffed version? I'll send you some if you haven't.


  2. Hey H, I have not tried the pomelo yet, only the tangerines and a large orange which was not as good, very strong fermented flavor. I wonder if there are any raw stuffed fruits, that would be interesting I think. I tried these and from another vendor, I had to go back for more of these as they are very good.
    Also they make a good little gift for non puerh drinking friends and family as they are easy to drink. They usually ask me for more.