Wednesday, July 4, 2012


For my first entry I will just say I love kung fu and tea.
This blog has been in the making for a while as I have been following other blogs for quite some time now. I have been training in kung fu for about 15 years now. The styles I have studied are Shaolin Chuan fa, Wudang 5 Animals, Southern 5 Animals, 7star Praying Mantis, Chi Kung, and currently learning Mei Hua plum blossom fist. I will never stop.

I started drinking good tea when my first Sifu gave me some Taiwan oolong ball rolled style, I was hooked.

I start with the tea I have had in my collection the longest. I drink mostly sheng puerh but I want to start with a shou. It was a gift from my youngest brother on one of my birthdays as I was born year of the horse.
 2002 Horse Brick Puerh (Ma Zhuan Cha) Shou.
Highly compressed.
Can anyone tell me what it says or who made it?

 My weapon of choice for shou is also the first Yixing pot in my collection. From Dream About Tea tea shop in Evanston, Illinois. Its the largest pot I use at 150ml. I love the dragon inside the pot.

 This tea at already ten years of age has gotten very smooth, with a refreshing plum, earthy flavor. It has a very subtle relaxing chi. With a very nice orange-red liquor.
Thank you to all the bloggers especially Hster for you gave me the inspiration to finally start blogging.


  1. The chinese characters at the back of your pu erh brick said "When the horse arrive, success follows" or success arrives with the horse. Oh, nice pot btw.

    Fellow pu erh drinker from SG

  2. Thank you for the translation, maybe I should drink it more often to have some success cuz its been a slow couple of years in my line of work. The horse has always been a part of my life, as my father owned and raced quarter horses when I was a kid. He still has a few but the are just roaming wild now. I have to get back on a horse soon as its been quite a while.