Thursday, July 19, 2012

2012 LongPinHao Laobanzhang?

This cake was a recent low price auction purchase on Ebay.
 Does anyone know about this LongPinHao factory?
Or this cake?

 The seller posted it as 2012yr Yunnan LaoBanZhang Pu-erh Cake tea 357g/Raw from Yunnan LongPinHao. I can't  seem to find anything about LongPinHao. The cake itself looks good enough and has a good strong aroma to it.

The cake is semi loose showing a traditional stone compression. So the leaves fall right off the cake with no effort. They look very appealing with a good amount of buds. The liquor is nice and heavy yellow. It holds a fresh green mellow aroma. It gives me a very strong bitter brew with just a bit of sweetness in the aftertaste.
 It continues with its bitterness with a bit of a flowery flavor in the throat with a mouth watering texture. 
Then turns to a very sweet clear liquid in the last steeps. 
 The spent leaves are nice looking mix, actually above my expectations, with barely any broken pieces.
Is it loabangzhang? for the price probably not, but it is very good for 15 bucks, shipping included.
It gives me a very strong chi, and sits heavy in the the lower abdomen.
 Chikung needed after this one, and a snack.

I will put it away for a while so it mellows a bit.


  1. Interesting. To you buy much tea off of Ebay?


  2. I have purchased from ebay a few times but only from Dragon Tea House, and China Cha Dao. This was my first from an unknown seller, (sgh5673) it was a low bid and just wanted to gamble a bit. You never know. I was pleasantly surprised it was better than expected.