Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mystery Sample 1

This is one of the mystery samples sent to me by Hster of the Tea Closet blog.
 I decided on trying this one first because i felt like some younger sheng  and this one seemed to be the youngest of the bunch just by its looks. The dry leaf a nice sweet mellow aroma. It seems to be maybe a early spring pick with a lot of buds. Looks like being stone compressed as it is quite loose.

The first few infusions are nice and heavy with a bitter sweet flavor and slight mushroom. As the brews continue it turns very sweet with almost a fruity aftertaste. A cane sugary sweetness which coats the entire mouth and lingers. I pull many fine brews but forget to count.
 The infused leaf is mostly buds and small leaves. 
 It brings me a very relaxing chi and clears my mind. I enjoy it very much.

If I have to guess as to what it is, I will say its the 2006 wild elephant Hster posted a few weeks back, because of the high percent of buds and the sweetness she mentioned.
What's the verdict H am i at least close on this one?

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  1. Oh yes Emmett, E for elephant. I tried to put in easy clues and impossible ones as not all the teas I sent you are mentioned in my blog.

    p.s. If the samples have any flaws, don't be shy to mentioned them.